Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are an inexpensive alternative to metal and other types of signs. Lightweight and suitable for many signage situations eg. short-term signage by real estate agents and trades people wishing to advertise on site.

Corflute can have full colour graphics or simple vinyl text and  is available in 3mm or 5mm thickness. Corflute signs can come in almost any custom size to suit. Printed in full colour digital for smaller runs or screen printed for better cost efficiency on larger runs.

Corflute are lightweight yet weather resistant making it an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor use. By using cutting edge technology, we’re able to mass produce Corflute signs thereby making them one of the most cost efficient forms of signage we offer. Give us a call today to talk with us about printing your next order of temporary signs

Advantages of Corflute Signs

  • Mass Production – once the initial design has been created, replicating the sign is simple. This makes corflute signs ideal for large warehouses where the same sign needs to appear in various places.
  • Straight to the Point – corflute signs are often used to display a simple message. They do not need to be fancy they just have to be clear and convey a simple message across.
  • Cost Effective
  • Weather Resistant
  • Full Colour Digital Print
  • Computer Cut Vinyl
  • Custom Sizes 

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Corflute Signs